Group Packages

Yoni/V-Steam Party

The Yoni/V-Steam Party

-Complimentry water or wine

-Standard Steam Session


Natural Skincare Chick Custom Herbal Blend

Lavender, Yarrow, Lemon Balm, Marigold, Rosemary, Rose, Mistletoe

-Standard Cushion

-Eye Mask

-Yoni Goddess Gift Bag

Must be 18 years old

Non refundable deposit required to book the service

Yoni Goddess Gift Bag

Healing Crystals

Yoni Egg


Candle 8oz

White Sage


Chakra Poster

Parties of 5 to 7

Yoni/V-Steam Party of 5 $449.95

Yoni/V-Steam Party of 6 $539.94

Yoni/V-Steam Party of 7 $629.93

Natural Skincare Party

Natural Skincare Party

-Make two Natural Skincare products from the list below

-Two product course manuals


-Product Knowledge

-Customized Product Label for both products

1 1/2 Hour party

Must be 8 years or older

Non refundable deposit required to book the service

Pick two from the products below

Body Cream

Lotion Bar

Bath Salts

Body Sprays

Herbal Hair & Body Oil

Beard Oil

Tea Making

Body Scrubs

Parties of 5 to 7

Natural Skincare Party of 5 $249.95

Natural Skincare Party of 6 $299.94

Natural Skincare Party of 7 $349.99